The ‘Cross Borders’ Art Gallery is all about erasing geographical borders and social differences through the medium of art. It is a dream of every artist to get a platform where they can exhibit the complete range of their emotions, talent and feelings displayed on the canvas or through mould, as well as other mediums. Cross Borders Art Gallery is a similar platform that helps aspiring artists to do so. Operational since 2013, the art gallery is situated near Jumeirah on Mina road, Dubai. Cross Borders has a unique repository of exquisite art pieces which include oil painting displays, still captures as well as the sculptures. Bringing exhilarating ideas to the front is a combined effort of more than 200 artists from Pakistan, India, Uk, Canada, Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, Italy, Austria and UAE.

The display of calligraphy and synchronous creativity will have viewers entranced and mesmerized. Our agenda is not only to help establish footprint of the new artists in the market but also to further encourage the process of displaying art in various forms. Art is one of the best ways to communicate with other people; it is an opportunity to express our sentiments. Cross borders connect and brings together artists from all around the world.

We want you to become a part of our dynamically exquisite and meritorious art gallery and help us showcase the beauty of art in all of its forms. ‘Cross Borders is an Art Gallery with a purpose – to paint an inspiring picture of oneness, and there couldn’t have been a better canvas than Dubai.

Hi. I am Fawad Durrani. Founder & Curator of Cross Borders Art Gallery

Art has its presence all around us. Each individual possesses varying elements of art which are often embedded in their existence. While some individuals have that curiosity and spark to explore their passion for art present within them, others get caught up in life itself and ignore this beautiful bittersweet, god-gifted form of expression. I, Fawad Durrani consider myself as an individual who has actively nurtured this gift from within, which has brought me to become the CEO of Cross Borders Art Gallery.

I did not only pursue art as an outlet for my emotions and a mere manner of expression, but i also made art my hobby, passion and work at the same time. With over 13 years of work experience in the banking sector across the Middle East, the subcontinent and Europe, I have now shifted to the field of art and like banking I aim to contribute wholeheartedly. The love for colours has forced me to encourage and promote contemporary art through my Art Gallery.



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