The ‘Cross Borders’ Art Gallery is all about erasing geographical borders and social differences through the medium of art. Operational since 2013, the art gallery is situated on main Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai. Cross Borders has a unique repository of exquisite art pieces which include acrylic/oil painting displays, still captures as well as sculptures. Bringing exhilarating ideas to the front is a combined effort of more than 200 artists from UAE, Pakistan, India, Uk, Canada, Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, Italy and Austria. The display of calligraphy and synchronous creativity will have viewers entranced and mesmerized. ‘Cross Borders is an Art Gallery with a purpose – to paint an inspiring picture of oneness, and there couldn’t have been a better canvas than Dubai, the melting pot of global cultures.




Saeed Akhter, Born 1938, is without a doubt a living legend of Pakistan. He graduated from NCA and started teaching there, his first major commission work was the painting Pf Quaid –e- Azam in 1970, which hangs in State Bank of Pakistan head office in Islamabad.He is the recipient of the Presidential Pride of Performance Award (1993) and has been awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) Award by the President of Pakistan in 2011, which is the third highest honor and a civilian award of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan .Besides the above he has been the recipient of countless awards and honors throughout his life as an acknowledgment.


He was born in hyderabad india in 1962, to a family that had artistic leanings, his father shaz tamkanat, was a well-known urdu poet. Even so, fawad did not take up art very early in his childhood.After he completed the bachelor of commerce degree, he enrolled for the bachelor of fine arts and subsequently the master of fine art programmes at the central university in hyderabad.His creative abilities were honed at this stage and he even received the university gold medal. A visit to fawad’s studio is a unique experience. One can sense that he is an artist who is very relaxed about his work


Dilip Chaudhary is highly acclaimed Indian artist who has earned great popularity around the world, specially in UAE and UK. and USA . Born in kalcutta and received his art education from the Indian College of art and Draftsmanship and graduated with a gold medal in 1986. His growth and progression saw no break since then.
Considered a master for his skills in water color, every single work of the artist comes out as an exceptional piece of art. His following works are available at the cross borders art gallery for our valued clients who have an elegant taste for good art