Basuki Dasgupta As a child who grew up looking at the terracotta temples of West Bengal, Basuki Dasgupta’s thoughts and ideas are inspired by his relationship with these structures.

His childhood was fabricated by the lyrical intimacy where he shared his joys, sadness, frustration, and loneliness with the steady and earthily grounded terracotta structures. As a result of this, his works are usually mythological with a contemporary twist.

The figures are generally portrayed performing an action related to music and the performing arts. To show the various belief systems that surround him, he interplays with textures on rough surfaces, depicting the complexity of human relationships that we see today.

“I believe that there is a close relationship between man and nature – man and God. This is my basic principle that reflects in my art. In my canvases, you will find elements that connect nature, man, and God in perfect balance.

My art has become my expression of faith and triumph; an expression and representation of compassion, truth and magnanimity. Wherever I go or whatever I believe in, my canvases eventually, will give you a glimpse of my childhood in the rustic and echoing corridors of the terracotta temples of my past.