Nawal Kishore brings to his audience the enigmatic female form and presents it with great sophistication, lucidity and sensuality. His women are curvaceous, vibrant and immersed in a world of their own. The singular female forms in his works take centre stage drawing the viewer into a myriad of feelings, expressions, colours, moods and rasas. The strength of Nawal Kishore’s images lies not just in the perfect use of colour on the figures but also of his ability to create a lighting effect around his figures surprisingly through the use of colours such as grey. Nawal Kishore has quite mastered the technique of using grey to add light and depth to his works. One needs to see it to believe it.
His figures also draw strength and character from his use of cubism. The introduction of cubism may sometimes come across as almost sudden but the never does the artist allow it to consume the adorable curves of his muse, the woman. The effect he achieves can only be called profound and dramatic.
His canvases are not just soaked in colour and texture, but carry a plethora of intricacy woven into it thread by thread. Kishore’s attention to detail is apparent in every square inch of the canvas. The odd balance he achieves among colours, contours and theme is a hallmark of his confidence and love for art.